Garnacha Centenaria


Wine made from  just Garnacha grapes.

Hand harvested from very old vineyards planted by the traditional system. Yield is less than 1kg (2 lbs) of grapes per vine. Aged on its lees in new French  oak barrels for 4 months.

Alcohol 14.5% Vol.
Recomended serving temperature at 17º C (63F).

Tasting notes

ALCOHOL: 14,5 % Vol.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Garnacha.

VINEYARD CHARACTERISTICS: Hand harvested from very old vineyards planted by the traditional system from single vineyards “Monte Alto” and “La Sarda”. ese vineyards are located on very arid slate soils on the slopes of the Iberian Mountain range, close to its highest peak: El Moncayo.

1st. week of October.

Traditional wine making, Cold maceration during 24 h. Fermented at 26º C under temperature control, followed by a 10 days maceration period with skin contact. Once obtained the desired objectives, it is drawn o and pressed.

Ageing for 4 months in new French oak barrels. The malolactic fermentation takes place at this period.

Colour.- Deep and ruby red of great clarity and brightness.

Aroma.- High intensity, fruity and oral aromas.. Fine notes to toasted and spices.

Palate.- Full and harmonious, smooth and lingering. Very balanced and ample, long aftertaste.



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