Este nuevo vino ha sido obtenido de viñedos de garnacha, seleccionados de entre los más viejos y ubicados entre 500 y 600 metros de altitud.

La permanencia en barrica es de 8 meses.

En el Nabulé predominan los aromas a fruta fresca, con tonos de fresas silvestres. En boca, este vino es refrescante, lo que nos permite disfrutar de su largura. Del mismo modo, su equilibrada acidez en boca nos indica que el vino seguirá creciendo en botella durante varios años si se mantienen unas condiciones óptimas de conservación.

Este vino puede maridar con todo tipo de arroces, pastas, verduras, quesos, pescados, carnes rojas asadas o a la plancha, cordero rebozado, pasta con carne, setas…

Tasting notes

What does Terroir mean?

TERROIR: This concept that caracterizes Nabulé defines a delimited homogeneous viticulture productive space, which develops a culture of cultivation based on the relationship between the vine, the natural environment in which it is grown and the human being. In this way, it implies knowing the ecosystem that surrounds these vines and their oenological potential through zoning studies.

These studies combine the specific characteristics of the soil, the topography, the weather, the effect of solar radiation, the infiltration of rainwater on the environment where the vine is grown and the knowledge of the human being, in such a way that the quality of the wine is related to the place of origin. Therefore, production is inseparable from the territory and as a result, we get an exclusive product. Original and inimitable wines that speak for themselves of their place of origin.

Why Terroir at Bodegas Aragonesas?

In our production area, supported by a group of world-renowned scientists, we carried out a study to identify the different terroir areas for the cultivation of Garnacha. The work determined that there were five differentiated areas, corresponding to Terroir Unit No. 1, colored in green, the one with the highest oenological potential and quality for the cultivation of Garnacha. Most of our Grenache vineyard is located on these lands, which encouraged us to carry out a project that we had been thinking about for a few years.

Mapa Nabulé Terroir

Why did Nabulé arise?

Based on our objective of development and constant improvement, we set out to identify all those Grenache vineyards that could provide us with varietal characteristics with perfectly differentiated attributes from the wines made so far. In the year 2018, we started a research project that allowed us to identify, after a year of intense work, a small group of plots with very specific characteristics. This project, which has involved a great effort for the entire team that makes up Bodegas Aragonesas, has allowed us to obtain a Garnacha wine that is much more subtle and elegant compared to those obtained so far.

Harvest and production of Nabulé

This new wine has been obtained from selected Grenache vineyards, over 50 years old, located between 500 and 600 meters of altitude. The harvest is handpicked and the technical team carries out meticulous ripening controls to determine the optimal moment for the harvest. The production of Nabulé is very traditional and the extraction of the must is characterized by gentle pump-overs. The wine remains in tank for 3 months, then aging in new 500-liter French oak barrels. Our technical team has carried out periodic tastings to determine the optimal time for bottling, so that the permanence in the barrel has been 8 months.

Characteristics of Nabulé

Due to the peculiarity of the plots where this wine comes from and the meticulous work carried out, both in the vineyard and in the winery, we have achieved a unique, subtle and elegant product, where the “terroir” character prevails. In Nabulé, aromas of fresh fruit predominate, with hints of wild strawberries. In the mouth, this wine is refreshing, which allows us to enjoy its length. In the same way, its balanced acidity in the mouth indicates that the wine will continue to grow in the bottle for several years if optimal storage conditions are maintained.

Nabulé pairing

This wine can be paired with all kinds of rice, pasta, vegetables, cheeses, fish, grilled or roasted red meats, battered lamb, pasta with meat, mushrooms … But above all, it is a wine to be enjoyed in good company, being perfect for sharing a meal, dinner or just having a relaxed afternoon.

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