Ecce Homo Grenache Old Vineyard


Wine made from Garnacha grapes. Selected vineyards over 50 years old.

Ageing is in French oak barrels for 12 months.

Alcohol 14% Vol.
Recomended serving temperature at 16º C (60F).

Tasting notes

GRADUACIÓN : 14 % Vol.

VARIEDADES : Garnacha 100%

Grape from selected vineyards over 50 years old, with an average yield below 2 kilos per vine.
Vineyards located over clay-ferrous and stony soils, very dry with a rainfall of less than 300 litres per square meter; located at 600 high altitude and at the skirts of the Cordillera Ibérica, close to the highest peak: El Moncayo.

Hand picking from second week of October when the grape has reached its maximum ripen.

Traditional method. Fermentation at 28°C under temperature control in stainless steel deposits.
Maceration lasts 14 days. After the Alcoholic Fermentation takes place the Malolactic Fermentation in deposits to complete the elaboration.

After the Malolactic Fermentation the wine is aged in deposits during several months, and after is taken to French oak barrels during 12 months; wine is bottled then and the crianza continues in its own bottle until is launched to the market.

Colour.- Cherry red with some ocher notes due to its crianza; intense, clean and bright.

Aroma.- Very good intensity, complex black fruit aromas, smoked and balsamic tones and spices notes given by the oak; aromas are very good integrated, with fine notes to cacao, coffee and toasted.

Palate.- Very pleasant in mouth, wide, meaty, good volume, round, harmonic and very well balanced between the tannin of the oak, acidity and alcohol, and with a long aftertaste, where reappears spices and fruity notes, and slightly notes to cacao and coffee.


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