Wine made from Garnacha grapes.

Grapes harvested from special vineyards that are 40 – 50 years old. Yield is less than 1kg per vine (2 lbs). Ageing is in new French oak barrels for 10 months.

Alcohol 14.5% Vol.
Recomended serving temperature at 17º C (63F).

Tasting notes

ALCOHOL: 14,5% Vol.

100% Garnacha (Grenache).

Made from over 40-50 year old Garnacha vines with a yield of about two pounds per wine. The special coupage for this wine has been made using specially selected barrels from the current vintage on label (86%), previous vintage (7%) and next vintage (7%) from the main.

From the 1st. week of September onwards.

WINE MAKING : Traditional method.
Fermented at 28ºC with temperature control. Maceration in contact with the skin throughout two weeks. After the alcoholic fermentation we control the malolactic fermentation in French oak.

Once finished the malolactic fermentation, we proceed to the decanting and pass the wine to new French oak in contact with it  own skin. After this ageing we make a selection of the best oaks, the coupage of them and we proceed to the bottlelling. The average stay of the wine in barrels is 8-9 months.

Colour.- Intense cherry red colour with ruby hues. Very clean and brilliant.
Aroma.- Powerful but elegant aroma with very mature red fruit qualities, with spicy and vanilla notes afforded by the “crianza” in French oak casks.
Palate.- Perfectly balanced with a good volume, on the palate its generous, harmonious and sumptuous, filled with red fruits and soft, sweet tannins from the French oak barrels.



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