Azzulo Semisweet Wine

Wine made from Viura and Chardonnay.

Pleasant aromas of fresh fruits with floral notes.

Alcohol 11.5% Vol.
Recomended serving temperature at 8º C (43F)

Not available for online purchasing

Tasting notes:

ALCOHOL: 11 % Vol.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 50% Viura and 50% Chardonnay.

DATE HARVESTED: 1st week of September for Viura and 4th week of August for Chardonnay.

The grapes arrive to the press and the flower must is obtained through a slight pressure. Once the must is obtained, the process of racking is carried out to get a clean and transparent must. It ferments in stainless steel tanks with selected yeasts, controlling the fermentation temperature at 14-16 ° C.

The blend of both varieties takes place after the alcoholic fermentation. A monthly bottling is done to guarantee the freshness and youth of this semi-sparkling wine. The bottling is carried out at 5° C.

Colour: Pale-yellow with greenish hues.

Aroma: High intensity of varietal character. Fresh fruit aromas with floral white fruit notes.

Palate: Rich on the palate, very lively, fresh, young, voluminous and sweet in the mouth, with a very long finish and memories of the seasoned fresh grapes.



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